To ensure the high quality of interior decoration it is recommended to use professional wallpaper pastes, depending on the type and kind of wallcovering chosen.

ANTURAGE multi-purpose
ANTURAGE multi-purpose
Multi-purpose paste for paper or non-woven backing
ANTURAGE for non-woven backing
ANTURAGE for non-woven backing
For all wallpaper types with non-woven backing
ANTURAGE for paper backing
ANTURAGE for paper backing
For all types of paper-backed wallpaper


  • Minimum preparation time – 3 minutes
  • Perfect long-lasting adhesion
  • Easy and convenient to use. Applied easily to the surface with a brush or roller, does not
  • spread in the course of application
  • Does not clot
  • Excellent sliding capacity making it easy to hang the wallpaper joint to joint and match any pattern
  • Excellent anti-fungi protection
  • No smell
  • When dry, the paste is transparent, does not deform the wallpaper or change its color


Modified starch, mix of anti-bacteria and anti-fungi additives, fillers.

Application and recommendations:

Preparing the surface

Remove the old wallpaper. The surface must be clean, dry, smooth, solid and absorbent. High-absorbing surfaces should be primed with deep-reach primer or diluted paste, and left to dry.

Preparing the paste

Guided by the table of proportions for preparing paste for different wallpaper types, pour the necessary amount of water in a clean container. Use only clean water, utensils and tools. Gradually introduce paste into cold water, stirring continuously. Leave the paste to soak for 3 minutes, and stir again. Now the paste is ready for use.


The paste retains its properties and is fit for use within 4 days after preparation, subject to storage in a closed container.

Proportions for preparing the paste

Designation Proportions Amount of water per paste package (l) Surface area (m2) Quantity of rolls (10.05х0.53)
Primer    1:40 10 50-60 -
All types of paper wallcoverings, light vinyl and non-vinyl wallpaper with paper or non-woven backing, non-woven wallcovering 1:28 7 35-40 7-8
Standard roll
10.5 m х 0.53 m
Heavy vinyl embossed wallpaper with non-woven backing 1:26 6,5 33-40

Standard roll
10.5 m х 0.53 m

Heavy vinyl embossed wallpaper with  paper backing 1:22 5,5 24-30

Standard roll
10.5 m х 0.53 m

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