Specify room dimensions for calculation
Roll format
By item number
Indicate item number from the catalogue
For example: 168018-17, 168049-30, 168020-21
Specify wallpaper size and base type for paste selection
Excluding window and door openings
Find out
Save as
  • Living room
  • Children's room
  • Kitchen
  • Office
  • Hall
  • Bedroom
How does the calculator work?
Step 1 Surface calculation
Specify room dimensions in meters, excluding window and door openings. Use a coma as separator.
Step 2 What shall we calculate?
If you chose wallpaper from the online catalogue, specify the item number or add the wallpaper you like to favorites. If you need to specify the size, select the calculation "by size".
Step 3 Saving the calculation.
You can save several calculation results in the browser memory. To do this, give the calculation a name and press "Save".
Saved calculations
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