The 17.5 thous. m2 production facilities include:

  • Two manufacturing shops
  • Raw materials warehouse
  • Finished products warehouse
  • Administrative building
  • Design studio
  • Laboratory
  • Trading house


Wallpaper designs are purchased from professional designers at dedicated exhibitions. Besides, enterprise designers work on each pattern to render it a unique and unmatched look and find a perfect color solution for specific wallpaper types.

The Design Studio achieves splendid results in creating and implementing miscellaneous wallpaper design ideas, helping customers to transform their premises and fill them with fresh colors and positive emotions.


With modern innovative technologies at hand, a highly qualified team of technicians bring to life designers’ creative ideas by producing various structures and patterns, and ensuring at the same time the high quality of products: strength, longevity, wear resistance.


In a short time the company set up a laboratory equipped with the latest devices, for incoming materials control and finished product testing.

All products and materials undergo mandatory checks in the testing laboratory of Industriya Factory. The laboratory is fit out with advanced measuring techniques and testing equipment from European producers.


In the wallpaper production we use high-quality and ecofriendly materials from the world’s leading manufacturers, including companies from Germany, Belgium and so on. Before they are used, the materials (paint, PVC pigments and other components) are carefully stored in the warehouse equipped with a modern rack system.


Prior to dispatch finished wallpaper rolls are stored vertically in boxes, in the dark and dry warehouse premises at a temperature ranging +5 to +20. Rack systems from Mikron company provide easy access and functionally simple maintenance, and comply with the highest requirements in terms of functionality and load.


The wallpaper types and textures are displayed in all of their diversity at the Factory’s Trading House. With the product range constantly updated, everyone will find the wallpaper to match their taste and pick up the best combinations from one or several collections, easily giving a new look and spirit to any interior. Practical recommendations from experts and professional catalogues will help set the priorities and make a final choice.

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