Caring about the environment, the Company has invested into treatment of exhaust gases produced by its processing equipment. The advanced regenerative thermal oxidation plant from Tecam Group (Spain) provides for the mitigation of volatile organic compounds at the rate of 99%. This plant ensures efficient management of energy resources as the RTO system includes a heat recovery unit enabling the use of heat in the enterprise’s heating system.

The Company utilizes paper and non-woven materials produced from the forest stock of farm businesses managed in keeping with the principles of “sustainable use”. Since forest is a renewable resource, it is important to plant new trees in the place of those that are cut down. Thus, by purchasing paper produced by farm businesses which make rational use of the resources, our Company invests in the forest preservation on the planet.

The production upgrades and latest technologies introduced at the enterprise contribute to an increased efficiency of natural resources and raw materials, and this is confirmed by the reduction of average energy consumption and waste generation indicators in the production of one wallpaper roll.

All Company products are made from raw stock EU-approved for use in wallcovering materials. The raw materials conform to the EU Regulation No.1907/2006 which prohibits application of specific substances in wallcoverings. Our raw stock suppliers are enterprises with the strongest credentials in the industry.

The production processes at the enterprise involve in-process monitoring of raw materials, process operations, finished products and manufacturing operations. The enterprise has an automated system for process operations management (hundreds of temperature, speed, length and thickness sensors deliver data to controllers’ displays), enabling the control of parameters at all production stages. The Company’s laboratory checks each batch of finished products for compliance with the national standard GOST 6810-2002. Samples of mass-produced wallpapers and typical specimens of trademarks are subject to examinations for conformity to sanitary regulations of the Customs Union. The wallpaper safety and environmental friendliness are confirmed by test certificates underlying the Declaration of Conformity.

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